About Us

Discover the New Chilli Out Cafe


Started by Edy in 2008 Chilli Out Cafe was a place to go for authentic continental cuisine. Chilli Out Cafe was started as an alternate to the hot and spicy local cuisine and served authentic continental and fusion dishes.


The Cafe was taken over by the Madilina Group in August 2021 and the restaurant was fully restored for a better experience while keeping the spirit of the place intact.


Chilli Out Cafe re-opened after extensive refreshment and facelift in February 2022. The understated and natural décor achieved through the use of natural materials invites you to sail away with us. Simplicity and relaxation combine to create a warm and contemporary ambiance. 


At all times throughout the day, this trendy place will welcome families, friends  and all visitors to be your "local", the key place to organise all your get-togethers (breakfasts, snacks, beach drinks, dinners).